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Metal Alloy Comparison Guide: Copper, Brass, and Bronze

metal alloy comparisonCopper, brass, and bronze are part of a category of metals known as “red metals”, which are characterized by their reddish tint. While copper is a pure metal, brass and bronze are copper alloys (brass is a combination of copper and zinc; bronze is a combination of copper and tin). All three of these metals demonstrate unique combinations of properties that make them ideal for use in metal sheets.

This page focuses on each of these metals, outlining their distinct properties, available grades, and potential applications. Additionally, it covers some of the key factors to consider when choosing between copper, brass, and bronze for a specific application.

Copper, Brass, and Bronze Metal Alloys

Although copper, brass, and bronze belong to the same category of metals, each exhibits distinct characteristics that make it ideal for different circumstances. Across industry, it is essential that designers, engineers, and manufacturers understand these differences to select the best metal for their projects.