954 aluminum bronze is a copper alloy with the Unified Numbering System (UNS) designation C95400. This material is one of the most popular aluminum bronze alloys due to its balance of desirable physical and mechanical properties, including corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and overall durability.

C954 aluminum bronze is also readily fabricated and welded and has been used to construct some of the largest nonferrous structures in existence. In terms of composition, this alloy has a minimum of 83% copper with 3%-5% iron, 1.5% nickel, 10%-11.5% aluminum, and 0.5% manganese. 954 bronze is commonly available in flat bar, hollow rod, and solid rod.

Properties and Benefits

One primary benefit of this type of aluminum bronze is its exceptional corrosion resistance. The aluminum content in the alloy imparts anti-corrosive properties in the form of an effective protective oxide layer. When the alloy is exposed to air and moisture, a thin, tenacious aluminum-rich film forms on the surface of the metal, preventing the intrusion of further moisture and stemming the corrosion process. Other elements such as nickel and manganese help bolster 954 aluminum bronze’s corrosion protection.

Other properties of C954 aluminum bronze include:

  • Relatively high yield and tensile strength
  • Excellent machinability and weldability for the fabrication of complex shapes and structures
  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Resistant to fatigue and deformation when subjected to impact, shock, and vibrational loads
  • Excellent ductility
  • Forgeable
  • Available from the mill heat treated or may be heat treated after market
  • Relatively low coefficient of friction
  • Resistant to oxidation in seawater environments

Uses and Applications

Due to its resistance to seawater corrosion, erosion corrosion, and cavitation, C954 aluminum bronze is widely used in the maritime industry for the construction of propellers and other marine hardware. This alloy is also frequently used in bushings, bearings, valve seats, valve guides, valve bodies, high-strength clamps, and aircraft components.

C954’s high tensile strength, durability, wear-resistance, and anti-frictional properties make this alloy ideal for high-load and high-impact applications, such as spur gears, worm gears, and wear plates.


  • Equivalent specifications
    • Copper Alloy UNS No. 95400 Continuous Cast
    • ASTM B271 Copper Alloy UNS No. 95400 Centrifugal Cast
  • Reference specifications
    • SAE – SAE J461 (Wrought and Cast Copper Alloys), SAE J462 (Cast Copper Alloys)
    • Federal Specification – QQ-C-390 QQ-B-671 Class 3
    • Military Specification – MIL-B-16033 Class 3
    • ASME – ASME SB271
  • Mechanical Properties
    • Tensile strength (min) – 85ksi
    • Yield strength (min) – 32ksi
    • Elongation in 2 in. or 50 mm (min) – 12%
    • Brinell Hardness (min) – 170 typical Bhn (3000kg)
  • Physical properties
    • Melting point liquidus – 1900°F
    • Melting point solidus – 1880°F
    • Density – 0.269 lb/in3 at 68°F
    • Specific gravity – 7.45
    • Electrical resistivity – 80.20 ohms-cmil/ft @ 68°F
    • Electrical conductivity – 13% IACS @ 68°F
    • Thermal conductivity – 33.90 Btu.ft/(hr.ft2.°F) @ 68°F
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion – 9×10-6 per °F (68-572°F)
    • Modulus of elasticity in tension – 15500ksi

Fabrication Properties

Joining Technique Suitability
Soldering Good
Brazing Good
Oxyacetylene Welding Not Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Good
Coated Metal Arc Welding Good


Chemical Composition

83.0 min. 3.0-5.0 10.0-11.5 1.5 max. 0.50 max.

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